How to Use Magic as a Pick-Up Line

Pick-up lines are a dime a dozen, but a guy or girl who can make magic can put a spell on anyone. Meeting someone new is often based on illusion anyway, from lipstick to high heels to a great tan. You can create your own illusion to make yourself appear even more suave and talented than you really are. Use magic as a pick-up line and attract many babes.

Choose a romantic target for a magical pick-up line. Check out the crowd and find a single person. Odds increase in your favor if you target a same-sex group of friends.

Try the direct approach. Say something like, "Do you believe in magic? Because I can make clothes disappear."

Use inside information to appear magical. Eavesdrop or ask a friend what your romantic target's name is. Then approach him and display your "mind-reading" skills by saying, "I'll bet I can guess your name."

Find a highly visible corner in which to pretend to be practicing your card tricks. Let the hotties come to you, and all you'll have to do is respond to their opening lines.

Make your magic romantic. Use heart-shaped props for disappearing tricks, and then make an impression on your hot targets by "finding" the item on them.

Purchase a trick, such as collapsible flowers, from a magic shop. Perform it for romantic targets, or entertain the group at large and let someone make the first move on you.

Perform card tricks to get phone numbers. Wow a small group of likely babes and then announce, "Those are my numbers. Now how about yours?"

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Things You Will Need

  • Confidence and poise
  • Good investigative skills
  • Knowledge of card tricks, memory tricks or prestidigitation


  • Magic tricks are good at provoking comments. You might not have to say anything out loud to use this effective pick-up line.
  • A rule of performing magic is that attitude is half the act. If you look and act as though you are a master magician, people will tend to believe that you are.
  • You'll have greater success in a smaller setting than a larger setting.


  • Not every venue is appropriate for magic tricks, so check out the party or club before you pull the rabbit out of the hat.
  • If you perform magic in a public place, don't be surprised if people think you want tips instead of dates.
  • Look suave, but don't go over the top. Leave the cape at home.

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