How to use Pheromones to Attract Women

Science has revealed that pheromones attract women.
pheromones scent attractionpheromones scent attraction
Most men are not sure how to take advantage of their love scent to attract a woman. This is a guide that explains how you can use your natural pheromones and pheromone cologne to attract women.

Use unscented soap to maintain your male pheromones. This allows you to use the natural fragrance of your body as an attraction pheromone. You don't want to avoid showering altogether to enhance your pheromone levels, scent free soap is a good compromise.

Let your natural body hair grow. Male pheromones latch onto body hair to produce the smell that women are attracted to. Let these pheromone producing areas develop to enhance the male love scent of your body.

Try a pheromone cologne if you are uncomfortable with your natural scent. Sandalwood cologne is believed to attract women and remain subtle. The idea is to find a scent that will bring out her natural instincts.

Find the scent that will work best for you with a pheromones guide.

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