How to Walk Away From a Doomed Relationship

It's easy to get swept up in a relationship when you fall in love and everything seems perfect, but not all relationships are meant to last. You may need to end things when they start to go badly before it turns to disaster.

Set high standards for yourself. You want to be with someone who treats you with respect and dignity. Don't want to settle for less than you are worth. End the relationship if you're not in love anymore and you've tried counselling. When you've tried everything you can and the feelings are gone, it's time to walk away.

Leave on good terms instead of waiting for the hatred to set in. Recognize when you aren't getting what you need from the relationship. Follow your gut instinct instead of waiting until the perfect time to end the relationship because the perfect time never really comes.

Be realistic. You don't want to kid yourself into thinking things will get better if they just keep getting worse. End things immediately if the other person suffers from addiction, alcoholism or it the person abuses you. Remind yourself that you are a worthy person who deserves better.

Walk away if someone else is involved in the relationship. Show a cheater that you expect to be respected and treated decently. You can give the person a second chance if they are truly sorry but don't stay if the cheating continues.

Plan to get counselling for yourself and your kids. Even if relationship counselling doesn't work, you still need help adjusting to the changes. Talk to someone like a friend, counsellor or pastor about your decision. You will feel better talking about your concerns and you may want to hear an outsider's point of view.

Think about the future in a positive way. Value your independence and embrace the changes. Look ahead and see yourself happy when someone new walks into your life.

Get your financial concerns in order and make sure you have a place to live. Take care of your basic needs like food and shelter.

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