The Best Way to Get a Girl

As a guy, a lot of the effort for meeting and trying to date a girl falls squarely on your shoulders. Women are often afraid of being too forward, so the courting portion of the relationship is mostly up to you. Don't drop the ball with bad tactics and advice; girls, above all, appreciate sincerity and honesty when it comes to a man. Even if you don't think you have game, you can try your best to get a girl with proven methods that get you noticed and make you more desirable.

Be Yourself

Too often, a man feels like he has to be someone different in order to get the girl of his dreams. However, it can be a real turn-off for girls when they see a guy trying too hard to make people think he's something he isn't. So be an on-your-best-behavior version of yourself. Polish your personality and image, but stay close to your roots. Even if you think you're a total tech geek and need to pretend you're a macho guy, a girl will appreciate your quirky honesty more than she ever will your acting skills. Be confident in your personality, and you'll find that you'll be able to start and continue lasting relationships.

Be Thoughtful

Most girls grow up with completely unrealistic ideas of what a man should be like. Thanks to movies, books and television shows, she is looking for that madly in love feeling of a new relationship. Although you might not be able to deliver the white horse and shining armor, you can show that you care through thoughtful actions that let her know you're thinking about her. Learning more about some of her interests can snag a girl by showing her that you are also interested in her. Remember things she says in passing so you can talk about them later and show you were listening. A thoughtful man is a huge catch in today's "I don't care" society.

Be Direct

Although your men's magazine might be dispensing advice about waiting five days to call your date, or leaving her hanging, all that shows to a girl is that you like to play games. Playing games is a fast way to lose a girl for good. Instead, be direct. If you just went on a date and want to call her the next day, do so. Call her and tell her you had a great time so she can stop worrying about whether you'll call. Be mature about your relationship. Getting a girl is not a competition or game, and she is not a prize that you win. Be an adult and be direct with your feelings so you can fast-track a fledgling relationship to something more, and keep her for good.

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