The Best Way to Get a Girl Back

Get your girl back by keeping your cool after the breakup.Get your girl back by keeping your cool after the breakup.

When your heart gets broken, it can take a major toll on you mentally and physically. You might find yourself locked in your room for days unable to eat or sleep. If you think your ex-girlfriend made a huge mistake when she broke it off with you, then its time to do something about it. Don’t let her slip through your fingers. There are a few ways to win a girl’s heart after a breakup and get her back.

Step 1

Respect her decision after the breakup. Avoid blowing up her cell with calls and text messages. When she realizes that you aren’t breaking into a million emotional pieces, it may help her have second thoughts about her decision.

Step 2

Give yourself a makeover and force yourself to socialize. Try to forget your girlfriend for a while. Go out and meet other girls. Word will get around that you have been talking to other girls and this may make your ex jealous.

Step 3

Ignore the phone for a few rings when she calls. Act like you are busy when she asks to meet up with you. Don’t tell her that you have been waiting for her to call so that you can get back together. Never let on that you have been a crying mess since she called it quits.

Step 4

Allow a few hours to pass before you return her text messages so she thinks that you are too busy with your life to reply to her. She will wonder what you are so busy with. When she is kept in the dark, she will likely contact you more to keep tabs on you.

Step 5

Try to run into her at a party, bar or a club. Act happy and smile around her. Make your ex laugh. Flirt with her like you did when you first met. Try to remind her of the awesome guy that she used to love.

Step 6

Send her a sweet hand-written thank you letter. Think of something that you are grateful that she did for you. For example, if she stood beside you and supported you while you made a tough decision, tell her thank you. If she helped you get through a stressful week of final exams, let her know how much her help meant to you. End the letter by saying something along the lines of "Why don’t you give me a chance to return the favor for all that you have done for me?”

Step 7

Romance her if you feel that there’s still a spark that could reignite the relationship. Some guys will romance a girl with large bouquets of flowers, sent to her work. Tie a heart-shaped balloon bouquet to her mailbox, her car or a fence post. Give her a handmade card expressing your feelings. Give her a funny top-ten list of the reasons that you belong together, such as that you both share a cherry jello addiction. Write her a poem or a song.

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Things You Will Need

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  • Card
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