The Best Ways to Flirt With Someone

Flirt with grace and dignity with due respect to the other person's feelings.Flirt with grace and dignity with due respect to the other person's feelings.

Flirting is a way of showing that the other person appeals to you. Whether you use flirting as a first step to initiate a relationship or just for harmless fun depends on the personal interests of the other person and yours. Whatever your objective, it is important that you flirt with grace and dignity. Your flirting should not make the other person feel cheap. Use flirting as a healthy way to build and enrich relationships.

Let Your Body Talk

If you find a guy that holds your interest near your table at a restaurant or a party, get set for action. Just wait for him to look around in general, and when his gaze turns your way set your flirting in motion. Adjust your posture such that you face away from him, put one knee over the other and make a movement as if stretching your back; trail your fingers through your curls for added effect. This should catch the attention of the guy. If he is glancing your way, look into his eyes first and turn away your gaze; then turn back to him, half-close your eyes and send him a look from your lowered lashes.

I Like Your ....

Talk about a particular physical characteristic or personality trait that you find adorable in the individual. It could be the person's smile, eyes or mouth or her well-proportioned body, or the energy and self-confidence she exudes. Say something on the lines of "Your smile is sexy," or "You wear energy like clothes. It's contagious and downright sexy." The most important thing however is that what you say should be genuine. So, choose to comment on something about the person that you really appreciate and find sexy. A better way to do this would be to observe what strikes you about the person within the five seconds you lay eyes on her, and make a note of those things. Flirting doesn't have to be vulgar; it can be honest, sincere and respectful admiration and appreciation of the person and her beauty.

Use Daily Life Opportunities

If you think flirting is only for singles, put aside the thought and have a good time flirting with your spouse. Watch him as he cooks his favorite dish in the kitchen and tell him how sexy you find him doing so. When out to a restaurant or a movie theater, run your fingers over his arm and squeeze his biceps. When you are having your dinner, raise his hormone levels by slowly running your tongue over your lip while sipping your drink. Give him some nice time; wear a miniskirt and walk up the stairs with him behind you while shopping. Find and use every opportunity to flirt with him.

Some Flirting Facts

Different people have different styles of flirting. Some are playful and naughty while others send you into spasms of laughter with their witty and humorous flirting. Then there are those that just flirt with you head on with utter confidence. And not to forget those shy ones that laugh a moment and turn distant the other sending you mixed signals. What type of flirtation appeals to you is up to you. Ensure that the person you want to flirt with doesn't get hurt in the process, though. After all, the purpose of your flirting is to get the person closer and not the opposite.

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