Ways to Know Your Man Has Fallen Out of Love

There are ways to tell if your man is not in love with you anymore.There are ways to tell if your man is not in love with you anymore.

If you suspect your boyfriend or husband has lost interest, you can't be absolutely sure until you ask. However, before confronting him, you can gather a few clues to see if your intuition is right. Keep in mind one type of behavior alone might not be enough, but if he's showing multiple signs, it might be time to have a serious talk.

He's Less Available

Is he becoming less available?

In the early throes of romance, both people involved made time for each other. As hormones and patterns settle down in your relationship, other priorities re-emerge. It's understandable that there may be less time to see each other. Still, if he is becoming less and less available or unwilling to make time for you, it could signal that he views you as a lower priority in his life. Cancelling plans at the last minute is also disrespectful. Once is understandable, doing this repeatedly may be a sign that he is no longer in love with you.

Less Eye Contact

A man that's in love with you, will look you in the eye.

A man in love with you will look you in the eye. It’s a meaningful way to connect. Don’t expect leering, unbroken eye contact, but he should look you in the eye regularly. If he is distracted, it could be work related stress or a busy background environment. It could also mean he’s not in love with you anymore and wondering about the relationship. Try a simple, non-confrontational statement like “Seems you’re a bit distracted.” Simplicity can open up a lot of windows into his mind.

Less Touching

Loss of sexual appetite could indicate he isn't interested.

Not all men touch their companion frequently, particularly in public. However, some gestures are meant to be protective of you or signal to others that you and he are a couple. For example, putting his hand on the small of your back or holding your hand shows you and others in the room he’s your man. If he has stopped making these gestures, it could be a sign he doesn’t want others to know he’s in a relationship. This obviously extends to the bedroom. A loss of sexual appetite could be due to stress or because he’s not interested.

New Woman

Is there another woman in his life?

This seems obvious, but sometimes it isn’t. Many men have platonic relationships with women (and you probably have male friends as well). Being jealous of every woman will ultimately backfire and make you seem insecure and needy. However, if he’s mentioning a new woman accidentally and regularly it’s because she, not you, is occupying his thoughts. If he’s suddenly unavailable and there’s evidence he’s meeting a new woman, it’s an obvious sign he’s not in love.

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