The Best Ways to Meet Women

Bars aren't the only places to meet women.Bars aren't the only places to meet women.

Exhausted with the bar scene and unwilling to settle, people in search of meaningful relationships don't always know where to turn to find dating opportunities. The best ways to meet women are those that allow you to be yourself and meet the kind of women who like people like you. So step outside your comfort zone, and put yourself in situations that will increase your odds of meeting the one.


There is no shortage of community volunteering opportunities, so pick one that interests you, and devote several Saturdays to volunteering with a nonprofit organization. Whether it's serving meals to the homeless or working with disadvantaged children, volunteering lets you give back to the community while giving you a chance to meet women who share your passion for helping others.


Like volunteering, taking a class lets you meet like-minded women, but you might have more of an opportunity to build a strong bond with them. Dance, cooking, fitness classes, art or photography offer ways to interact with different women in and out of the classroom. If you find one with whom you click, ask if you can grab a cup of coffee after class and review the instructor's latest cooking suggestions. If you hit it off, you can plan a night of cooking or dancing together.

Social Media

Do your friends know friends you might want to ask out? Ask if you can get introduced. Some people will be willing to communicate with you via social networks before meeting you, giving you an opportunity to get to know each other in advance. Other possibilities include community review sites like Yelp, where you can find people who share your interest in tapas or wine tasting, for example. Try writing a few engaging reviews of your own or commenting on others', and you might find someone who would like to review spots with you in person sometime.

Organized Outings

Sites like offer multiple ways to join social groups that organize outings and trips together. Do you enjoy hiking, camping, skiing or reading? Find a group where you can immerse yourself in an activity you love to do while also meeting new women who share your interests.

Dog Parks

Here's your chance to take Fido out for an afternoon romp while meeting new women who love dogs, too. If you're lucky, your dog will cozy up with a dog whose owner is someone you would like to get to know. Plus, you get the added benefit of seeing how she interacts with her pooch. Is she loving and friendly, or cold and demanding? The answer will clue you in as to how she might be in a relationship.


For single dads, the alternative to the dog park is the local playground. Here, you get an opportunity to meet women who know what it's like to be a parent. Amid the organized chaos of playground activity, you could just meet a woman who is eager to meet a doting dad.

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