Ways in Which Men Get Pushed Away When Dating

Know when you're getting pushed out of your relationship.Know when you're getting pushed out of your relationship.

There are a number of reasons why men get pushed away when they're dating a girl. Most commonly, if she's had a few bad experiences, the closer you two get, the more her senses may tell her she's got to eject before she gets her feelings hurt. She could also have a fear of commitment and prefer dating over settling down in a relationship so she doesn't have to be exclusive with one person. No matter what her reasons are, there're a few indicators that a man is being pushed away but the lady he thought he was so close with.

She's Not Excited To See You

When your old "greeting with open arms" turns into a mumbled hello, she's in transition mode. If you've suddenly noticed she doesn't seem quite as enthused to see you as she normally has, something's going on. If your girl was notorious for showering you with happy notes and your favorite snacks to start your day and now suddenly barely wishes you good morning, this a sign that she's pushing away from you.

She's Always Busy

You notice just as her personality seems to have changed with her general excitement to see you, so does her availability. For some reason, nothing that you know of has changed in her work or school schedule, but to book quality time with her, you realize you're the last man on the totem pole.

She Cancels On You

You've been anticipating a private night to rekindle your romance for days now. You've rolled out all the stops for making this a night she won't forget including flowers, some of her favorite things and great conversation topics. You've taken a few extra hours off from work and you've cleaned up really nicely. Trouble is, she's texted you to let you know she can't make it. She doesn't really give you a direct reason, more so that she's just not feeling it and asks if you two can get together another time.

She Avoids Talking About the Big "R"

Just when you're ready to sit her down and chat about taking your relationship to the next level, she changes the subject or darts out saying she's too busy to talk about it right now. She might even say something like, "Why ruin our good time right now with that talk? Let's just enjoy what we have right now." That type of avoidance is a red hot indicator that she's pushing back.

She's Withholding Sex

Let's face it, the last time you remember having a regular schedule of intimacy with her was when the two of you were in a period of bliss. Now it seems like she barely wants hugs and kisses let alone anything physical. Consider this a warning sign that it's time to chat with her about what's going on.

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