Ways That Men Try to Impress Women

Hyping up the tall, dark and handsome manages to impress many women.Hyping up the tall, dark and handsome manages to impress many women.

In the wild, male animals attract females by roaring, preening, fighting and exuding pheromones. While those methods may work well in the jungle, they're not always practical for humans -- although they're not as far removed from nature as they'd like to think. Human males have their own rituals that they perform to attract the female of the species, just as wild beasts do.

The Midas Touch

Men often use money in an attempt to impress women. From bragging about their income to spending lavishly on dates, whether they can afford it or not, men often think that flashing the cash is the way to a woman's heart. Other men drive flashy cars, purchase the best wardrobe money can buy and invest in expensive hobbies, all designed to thrill and attract as many women as possible with the illusion of prosperity.

Herculean Efforts

Just as in the animal kingdom, men often like to show off their physical prowess to attract women. Eating right and working out regularly are often enough to create a physique that impresses the opposite sex. Participating in demanding sports activities is another option men choose. Superior physical strength, agility and endurance in a man frequently go a long way to attract women. Men sometimes show their abilities by fighting other men as well, often for the woman's attention and approval.

Sensitivity Wins

Even though women traditionally have sought strong, manly men throughout history, the sensitive man is often portrayed as the ideal guy of today. While some men are more emotional by nature, others strive to portray a sensitive side to get the girl. While not too many fellas are going to cry over long-distance commercials to attract a woman, many pretend to be touched by the sight of children playing, a newborn baby, a cuddly puppy or a fuzzy kitten to impress a woman.

The Lying Game

Unfortunately, some men feel that they are not impressive enough to attract a woman by being themselves. Therefore, they embellish the truth when they meet a new conquest. Some merely exaggerate a few facts, while others lie in ways that defy comprehension. While the lie may initially impress the woman before she learns the truth, it's a sure bet that the deception will be a stumbling block at the least, and possibly an utter deal breaker. Men who lie at the beginning of a relationship often continue this pattern indefinitely.

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