The Best Ways to Get Over a Guy

Breakups are difficult, even if the decision was mutual. Many women suffer through a hard separation the wrong way, by turning to food, alcohol or another rebound guy too quickly. There are several safe and effective ways for any woman to get over a guy in order to resume living her healthy, best life again.

Remove Reminders

The first step of getting over a guy is to remove any reminders of him from your house, apartment, workspace and vehicle. Remove any pictures of him from picture frames. Donate any clothing or inexpensive gifts that he gave you to a local thrift store. Delete any messages that he left on your cell phone's voice mail and answering machine. Any items that are of greater value, such as jewelry, can be placed inside a box only to be worn in one year's time. To avoid temptation, give the box to a friend that you know will not give it back until the year is up.

Take a Trip

Gather together a few girlfriends or ask your sister to take a trip with you. The trip does not have to be lavish. It could be anything from spending the weekend camping at a local national forest to getting away from it all by spending a few days at your parents' house several states away. A more extravagant getaway could be a week-long trip to a tropical island or a few days of fun in Las Vegas. The idea of the trip is to remove yourself from the situation and the temptation of calling or visiting the guy with whom you just ended the relationship.

Start a Hobby

Many women who have ended a relationship spend several nights alone at home agonizing over whether to call or visit the recent ex-boyfriend. One of the most effective ways to get over the guy is to keep your mind off of him by taking up a new hobby. A woman who is into cooking could take a baking or cooking class at a local college or learning annex. Starting a book club with friends, family members and co-workers is a way to connect over a shared love of reading. Joining a gym is also a way to spend your free time getting healthy and boosting your self-esteem.

Write a Letter

The end of any relationship can leave a person with a lot of unanswered questions, anger and hurt feelings. Getting all of the frustration, loneliness and hurt feelings onto paper can give any woman the chance to tell her ex how he made her feel. Do not hold back when writing the letter. Tell the man all the ways you feel you were wronged. Once the letter is finished, place it in an envelope and put it in a dresser drawer or a box that can be kept out of sight instead of actually mailing it. The idea is to transfer all the bad feelings from your heart and head to a piece of paper.

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