Ways to Recover from a Breakup

Bounce back stronger than ever after your breakup.Bounce back stronger than ever after your breakup.

Going through a tumultuous breakup is never an easy experience. In fact, breakups are often emotionally taxing and devastating situations. You may even feel that you will never find someone else to love again. However, as easy it may be to wallow in misery, it is important to remember that you need to pick up the pieces and move on in your life.

Disconnect Yourself

The Internet and social networking in particularly can make it very hard to move on after a breakup. If you are connected to your ex on social networking sites, for example, it may be tough seeing new pictures of him or updates on his life. To recover smoothly from your breakup, remove him as a friend from all and any of your web presences, at least in the beginning; once you are over the situation, you can consider adding him back.

Express Your Feelings

Talking about your feelings can be a healthy and productive way to identify what is going on and add some perspective to your circumstances. Talk to your closest friends who have been through the same situation or maintain a daily diary where you talk about your progress in moving on and healing. Chat with a guidance counselor. Go online and seek support groups, chat rooms and forums for people currently going through breakups.

Pamper Yourself

A little bit of pampering can be an effective and relaxing way to get through a breakup. If your budget allows, plan a weekend getaway with a couple of your closest pals or take a day off from work and get prettied up at a day spa, including scheduling facials, pedicures and a makeover. Shop for a brand new outfit or a pair of shoes. Allow yourself a time of indulgence. A day of unrepentant fun may allow you to look at life with more clarity and give you more optimism about the future.

Limit Related Memorabilia

You probably have a lot of good memories about your ex but, at the same time, you probably have a lot of bad ones as well. After all, there is a reason why the relationship ended. To move on healthily, remove all of the memorabilia you may have about your relationship, whether they are lovey-dovey photographs of you and your ex on a beach in Mexico or a romantic "Happy Birthday" card given to you for your birthday.

Pursue Fitness Goals

Breakups are a good opportunity to work on improving yourself and your life in general. One way in which to start is by beginning a new fitness regimen. When you exercise, your mood gets a natural boost due to the release of endorphins, which are "feel good" neurotransmitters.

Explore New Interests

Breakups are a time of change. Instead of limiting the change to just your romantic situation, however, consider changing something else in your life. Start a new hobby or activity. Take ballroom dancing classes. Learn the craft of pottery. Start designing and making your own clothing. Take night classes in accounting at your local community college. Use this transitional period to focus on yourself.

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