What Are the Emotional Stages of a Relationship Breakup?

The emotional stages of a relationship breakup can vary from person to person. However, most people begin trying to sort their feelings and eventually learn from what happened to take away positive thoughts for the next time around.


A person may be in denial of events when a relationship ends with someone. It is often the first emotion that is felt.


The end of a relationship is often shocking for the two people involved. This is typically the second stage of emotions.


The third stage is often when people get angry at their ex-partner and themselves for what happened or for letting it happen.


The pain of a broken heart hurts most people deep within themselves for some period of time.


People can suffer grief or the feeling of a great loss over the termination of a relationship.

Fear of Being Alone

The sixth stage can bring the fear of being alone again. The thought of having to start all over can scary to some people.

Acceptance and Hope

Finally, the acceptance of what has happened and having hope for whatever the future brings are often the final emotional stages of a breakup.

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