How to Know why he won't commit

I think most of us have been there, we find the guy of our dreams, we fall in love, we want to build a life with him, and yet no sign of any commitment other than dinner and a movie 3 times a week. We wait ,pray, hope, and than we finally ask ourselves, why won't he commit? A question that has been plaguing women for years and years. This article will provide you with reasons, maybe lame to us but there own reasons why, they fear commitment.

They do not want to be tied down. Let's face it, once married you can't just walk out. There are a lot of things to consider, vows for one. Many people remain in unhappy marriages because they don't want to be viewed as a failure. Why marry someone if you aren't 100 percent sure? because nothing in life is 100 percent. There is no certainty and a lot of men fear they may make a mistake when they take that vow, the commitment, that vow.

People in general, mostly men will not marry because they fear they will have to give up a lot of who they are or what they do. They think bowling night or card night or a night out with the guys once a week is finished, done, over, once they marry. They convince themselves that this is true, even thought they have no proof or sign their woman is a bossy nagging possessive freak. This is what they are thinking. marriage equals no freedom.

What if someone better comes along. There are those men who feel love is not enough. men who always find another pretty face or sweet character that will draw them in. These men never commit because they are in love with falling in love. They want that high, when it's gone and when it fades, they are onto someone else, new exciting.

They love you but don't feel you are "the one". They can't wait to see you, they miss you, love you, care for you but, you are not marriage material for them. They are riding with you through life hand in hand but can't say they want to for ever. They tell you they would do anything for you, and they have, but they will not marry you. They do not feel you should be the mother of their children or wife for what ever their reason. If this is the case, break away now before you fall any deeper.

Religious reasons. You are catholic, he is Jewish. He'll date you, have sex with you, but he won't marry you, not if he is religious and not if he's close to his parents who are. They will cut him off as sure as the days are long.

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Things You Will Need

  • To understand
  • Pateince
  • The ability to move forward if needs are not met


  • If you are with a man who will not marry you and it is what you want, do not wait for him to change his mind. Break away, let him see what he is missing. you can not force anyone to marry you but maybe he will realize he ants you and really loves you. Sometimes you can't see what you really want until you step back.
  • If there are no talks or plan about a future and it is what you want, spare yourself the pain and move on. Stop wasting time because the pain will go away after the break up but you will endure more if you stay, wanting and hoping and wishing while with someone can be brutal.

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