How to Win Back Trust in a Relationship

Trust is the most important component of a happy relationship. Without trust, a relationship can become a horrible experience because of constant doubt and fear. Losing the trust in a relationship causes many relationships to end. Winning back the trust in a relationship is the only way to ensure that the relationship lasts past its rocky moments. Rebuilding trust involves the participation of both partners.

Step 1

Think about your relationship. Only try to win back the trust of your partner if you are fully committed to the relationship and want the relationship to last. Do not try to win back the trust of your partner if you do not feel that you can be fully committed.

Step 2

Admit that you made a mistake. Do not blame your partner for the mistake you committed, instead take full responsibility of your actions. Admitting you were at fault proves to your partner that you know you did something that was not acceptable and want to improve.

Step 3

Understand the feelings of your partner. Your partner may have mixed feelings about what happened and may feel overwhelmed because of the emotions. Talk to your partner and ask how they are feeling.

Step 4

Reassure your partner that you have changed. Make promises that you know you can keep. The promises should help correct the mistake you made.

Step 5

Show your partner how much you truly care. Do anything that will remind your partner that you do care: make something for your partner, plan a special day or cook dinner.

Step 6

Remain patient and do not rush your partner. Your partner needs time to heal and eventually trust you again, and this can take some time. Give your partner as much time as needed.

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