How to Win the Heart of a Virgo Male

People born between August 23 to September 22 are considered Virgos.People born between August 23 to September 22 are considered Virgos.

Out of the 12 signs found in the zodiac, Virgos are known best for being dependable, calm, focused and trustworthy. Male Virgos have a reputation for being loyal, honest and intelligent. If you have your eyes set on a certain Virgo, there are certain moves you can make to help help capture his heart. Virgos love simple elegance and well-planned activities. The following steps will guide you through the ins and outs of dating the steadfast Virgo male.

A Virgo male takes great pride in his attention to detail. He dresses sharply and will expect you to do the same. No self-respecting Virgo would leave his house without putting himself together first -- even if he's only running to the corner store. When dressing for a date with a male Virgo, stick to classic lines and sophisticated hairstyles. Try a simple black dress, silver jewelry and an elegant smooth up-do. Less is definitely more with these men.

Letting your date pick the activity is a great way to win him over.

Virgo males generally dislike spontaneous activities. These men prefer set schedules, which allow them to prepare for any type of situation. Show your guy how organized and efficient you can be by thoroughly researching and planning your next weekend getaway. Virgo men like options and seeing things from every angle before making a decision. Come up with a handful of ideas and allow your Virgo to pick the one he likes best. Even small decisions, such as picking a restaurant or a movie can be agonizing for a Virgo. Remain calm, offer suggestions and don't rush him into a decision. Your patience will be well worth it in the end.

Virgo males need to feel secure. They crave punctuality and precision in their daily lives. Arriving to a concert even a few minutes late can ruin the night for a Virgo man. Watch the clock and strive to be early any time the two of you get together. Impress your Virgo by listening to traffic reports and weather alerts, planning a few different ways to get to your destination, and always having your GPS ready to go. Virgo men love practicality, and while you may not think this is a wildly romantic gesture, he most definitely will.

Virgos strongly dislike boisterous gestures of emotion. In fact, this type of behavior will usually send him running for the door. Don't expect him to write you poetry or show up on your lawn with a boom box in the middle of the night. Try to keep the "Where is Our Relationship Going?" talks to a minimum. Your Virgo prefers to show his feelings with practical actions like filling your gas tank or fixing that loose railing in your apartment. Perfect gifts for a Virgo include tool sets, a new atlas, or a sharp leather-bound day planner.

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  • Virgo men tend to criticize the people in their lives. Try to not take it personally. It's a case of "it's not you -- it's me" syndrome. Virgos are perfectionists, and often do not realize how sharp their words can be. Stay calm and attempt to see the compliment inside the complaint. A Virgo male would not call you out if he didn't believe you were capable of doing better. He simply wants you to be the best you can be. It's not the most romantic gesture, but that's just his practical side shining through.

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