How to Win Him Back from a Long Distance

Losing the love of your boyfriend can be a devastating blow to your heart and ego. It's especially difficult when you weren't the one that ended the relationship. While there are ways to try to win him back, your efforts can be complicated by factors such as the actual mileage between you. Winning him back from a long distance isn't impossible, it just takes determination and a skillful approach. If you feel the relationship is worth the extra effort, you must convince him to give you another chance.

Make an effort to engage in regular communication. Adjust your schedule to make time for his calls. Return missed calls promptly and express disappointment for not being available. Use your wit to keep him engaged in interesting conversations. Make him feel relaxed by adding in references to the "good times" you used to share. Jog his memory by mentioning those tender moments you just can't stop thinking about.

Convey that you miss him without sounding too needy or desperate. Although the goal is to win him back, you don't want to guilt him into a new relationship. Avoid making statements about "how lonely you are without him" and "how you'll never get over him." Instead, make references to your newfound confidence. Dropping tidbits about your dating life may also stir his jealousy, making him more interested in what you have to say. Playing on his jealousy may be easier from a long distance because he can only guess about your contacts and activities.

Pay him a calculated visit. Although telling him what he's lost is good, showing him is even better. This is especially true if he hasn't seen you in a long time. Coordinate your trip to coincide with his birthday for extra points. Avoid making a surprise trip unless you know for certain that it won't cause problems in his personal life.

Admit to your relationship mistakes. Take time to acknowledge any wrongs you committed during your courtship. This behavior demonstrates your maturity and willingness to accept responsibility for your actions. Tell him that if you had another chance, you'd be a better girlfriend. Ask him to listen to you without expecting him to make the same admissions or even forgiving you.

Find activities you can participate in from a long distance. Use your creativity to bridge the physical distance between you. Examples include inviting him into your band in "Rock Band" or joining his guild in "World of Warcraft." Use webcams to communicate so he can't forget how amazing you look.

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  • Use your personal knowledge of him to your advantage. Although other girls may be closer to his location, you have already gotten to know him on a deeper level.


  • Never make relationship promises you're not willing to keep. This includes promises of moving closer or visiting more often.


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