How to Win a Leo Woman's Heart

Leos often have beautiful manes of hair.Leos often have beautiful manes of hair.

The zodiac sign Leo is ruled by the Sun. Leo women radiate warmth and vibrancy, along with a flair for the dramatic. Many of them like being the center of attention, with other people revolving around them. The sign's symbol is the lion, and Leos often have beautiful manes of hair. Famous Leo women include Madonna, Lucille Ball, Jacqueline Kennedy and Coco Chanel. To win the heart of a Leo woman, you will have to satisfy her ego, while at the same time conveying to her that you match her strength.

Compliment her.

Step 1

Compliment her. Most Leos spend a lot of time, money and energy making sure they look their best, and they like to have their appearance favorably acknowledged. Do not say crude or cliched things about her looks; compliment her eyes or smile at first. Leos appreciate it when you say something about their hairstyle or fashion sense.

Although Leos care about looking good, they also want people to notice their intelligence and talents. Make positive comments about her insight and learning, or about how well she does something, whether it is singing or playing tennis.

Talk with her.

Step 2

Let her know your strengths and successes. Fire signs like Leos often perceive themselves as powerful forces of nature. A Leo woman will not want a long-term mate who dwindles in significance next to her. Without obviously boasting, tell her about your achievements. Leos tend to be ambitious and want mates who can match their aspirations.

Leos are good with money management.

Step 3

Accept that she wants to take the lead in many matters. Although Leo women do not want obviously passive partners, they do prefer to make many of the decisions about where to go and what to do. Leos tend to have good money management skills, so she will probably want to handle that side of things if the two of you form a household together.

Keep your eyes on her.

Step 4

Avoid giving her any cause for jealousy. Keep your gaze on her when you go out together. She may flirt with others because she enjoys attention, but most Leos are very loyal once they have chosen a mate.

Leos love gifts.

Step 5

Give her gifts. Leos love costly, beautiful presents. If you cannot afford extravagant gifts, shop carefully to find a lovely item at a bargain price. Customize the gift to her style, tastes and interests; Leos take offense at the idea of a generic present or re-gifting.

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