How to Win Your Man Back After a Rough Relationship

Win Your Man Back After a Rough RelationshipWin Your Man Back After a Rough Relationship

If you want to get back together with your ex-boyfriend, it can be more difficult to do so after a bad breakup. No situation is ever hopeless. Since he loved you before, it's likely that he can fall in love with you again. While it is more difficult to reconcile after a rough relationship, people do it all the time. It's important that you learn from your prior mistakes in the relationship to make it better the second time around. If you'd like to win your man back after a rough relationship, you're going to have to do some internal work on yourself to make it happen.

Assess the reasons why your relationship was rough. Consider the recurring issues in the relationship as well as the ultimate causes for the break up. Establish a timeline for these issues to help you pinpoint what started them.

Conduct some self-analysis. While your man undoubtedly contributed to the relationship's troubles, it's important to take responsibility for your actions. Examine ways in which you handled yourself poorly and aim to learn from those mistakes. In order to change, you need to establish what you did wrong.

Approach your ex in a casual manner. He may be wary of you initially so it's essential that he doesn't feel pressured. Invite him out to some after-work drinks with you and your friends, or ask him to a party you're having at your home. If other people are present, he may feel more relaxed. Just aim to re-establish contact in a comfortable environment.

Be friendly and flirty around him. Since things were tense between you, you need to remind him of the fun you two used to have. Stay away from relationship talks initially. Have fun with him in casual conversation.

Acknowledge what you did wrong in the relationship. Don't launch into a diatribe of everything that was wrong with the relationship. Instead, simply acknowledge the mistakes you made and apologize for them. Tell him that you have done a lot of self-reflection and learned a lot in the process.

Show him that you're different. It doesn't do any good to acknowledge your prior shortcomings if you don't do anything to improve. Listen to him and be a good friend. Keep your emotions in check, and don't let anger, defensiveness or jealousy enter your conversations.

Tell him how you feel about him. Only do this when the time feels right. If you confess your desire to get back together too soon, you may scare him away. Feel out how things are going in the friendship vein and when it feels comfortable, let him know that you want him back. Don't pressure him. Simply state your feelings honestly.

Give him freedom. It may take him some time to process everything. Let him have the space he needs to think about his feelings. He'll appreciate you doing so.

Look fabulous when you see him. Remind him of what he's missing. You'll feel good when you look hot, and that confidence will add even more sex appeal.

Remain patient. It may take a while to get your man back. Try to remain patient and trust that it will work out. Your relationship will be that much better because you didn't rush things.

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  • When you get back together, remember all the things you learned.


  • Don't fall back into the same bad habits once you get back together. Communicate with each other to keep the relationship healthy.

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