How to Find a Woman

Find a WomanFind a Woman

Companionship is a one of life's priorities even for men who often are stereotyped as devaluing the need for relationships. Finding a woman can be difficult when you are shy or simply feel you don't have the time necessary to go fishing for one. Sometimes finding a woman might be as simple as knowing where and how to look.

Know what you are looking for. Being honest with yourself on what you truly want from a woman is one of the first steps to knowing where to look for one. If you want a woman to be a nonexclusive play-toy for instance, going to a local church or place of worship might not yield high chances of success. Forthcoming honesty will save you time and effort in your search for desired companionship with a woman.

One way to find a woman is by enticing them to come to you. Placing a good personal ad in the local newspaper won't do it alone; you also will need to sweeten the deal by playing up what you have to offer. Dressing nicely and having excellent personal hygiene are essential, along with having a resolute sense of self to be able to project it with confidence.

Ride the wave. Internet sites such as are set to match you with women based on an intricate selection process. There are many other websites that are set up for singles to meet that will allow you to search for what you are looking for and review women's profiles you are interested in. This also is a relatively inexpensive way to meet women and can be done in the comfort of your home.

Organize an outing. Research some single "hot spots" in your area and plan to go out by yourself or with a friend to get yourself back out on the "scene." Set a goal for talking to at least one woman when you go out if you find a possible interest. Remember that rejection is a part of the dating scene and that with each rejection, you will be one step closer to an acceptance.

Take advantage of every possibility. You are in charge of when you will be able to make first contact with a woman, and contrary to popular belief, it is often more appropriate to make a stab at it. Whether you are at the grocery store or swinging by a coffee shop, if you have taken the liberty to see if a woman has a wedding ring, then you might as well talk to her to find out if she has a boyfriend. Being too afraid to take chances will mean you might miss out on a great opportunity to find a woman you are interested in.

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  • Talk to some of your friends or coworkers to find out if they have anyone they can set you up on a date with. Oftentimes, you might find friends at work who have something in common with you also will have friends who are compatible with you for the same reason they are friends with your coworker.


  • Always be respectful when approaching a woman and do not become so desperate that you allow persistence to turn into harassment.

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