How to Know If a Woman Likes You

Determine if she is thinking about you.Determine if she is thinking about you.

Misinterpretation in communication often occurs between men and women. The difficulty lies in people being too shy to just come out and say, "I like you." As a friendship or a casual encounter transpires, understand the signs. Typically, body language and mannerisms remain the first way to know if a woman likes you. When the evening or friendship continues, the signs become more obvious. Through careful observation, you can know if she likes you.

Watch for flirting, usually subtle at first and then becoming more open. She will flirt with you in front of others, her friends as well as yours. Signs of flirting often include facial expressions, giggling at comments or anecdotes and making off-the-wall gestures.

Listen to communication from her friends as well as your friends. If you meet at a nightclub or bar, typically the same people frequent the place. Ask questions subtly, such as "Do you know Mary? What's going on?" With carefully placed questions, you may find the answer.

Observe the way she acts around you. She may fight for your attention in a group; she may buy you a drink or walk you to your car. If you have had one too many, she may offer to give you a ride. Watch closely as the little favors add up.

Note the communication between the two of you. If she calls you often to hang out or go to the club, she could like you. Also, she may ask questions about your likes, dislikes or family life and she seems genuinely interested in your answers.

Watch the physical aspects. If she often wants a hug, "accidentally" bumps into you or gently rubs against you, these are typical signs of interest in a relationship.

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  • If you like the woman as well and you still do not know, it never hurts to ask. The worst she can do is say, "No."

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