How to Get a Woman's Attention

The key to getting a date is to get her to notice you.The key to getting a date is to get her to notice you.

If you are the type of guy to go out to bars, clubs and other venues in search of a date, it is important to know how to attract a woman's attention. However, you probably aren't the only man who is going to be there with hopes of finding a date. Therefore, strive to make yourself stand out from the other men. Help the women feel like they should choose you over everyone else. All you need to do is make some small changes to gain women's attention.

Step 1

Dress to impress the girls. Wear a nice shirt and pants rather than a worn T-shirt and jeans. Make sure your hair is neat and you are freshly shaved. If you wear a beard or mustache, trim it neatly. Women like a man who takes care of himself and makes an effort to look nice.

Step 2

Give off an air of confidence. Keep your posture straight: back straight, shoulders back, chest out, stomach in. Walk with a purpose. Avoid slouching and looking down. Keep your eyes moving around the room.

Step 3

Make eye contact with any woman in whom you are interested. If you avoid her gaze, she will not know you are interested and will move on to someone else. If you make eye contact, smile. Do not approach her at first. If she thinks you aren't immediately available, it can further peak her interest.

Step 4

Position yourself so you are within her line of sight. If you hide yourself in the corner, you are not in a position to be noticed by many women. A few of them may notice you, but they will only wonder why you are in the corner rather than being attracted to you. Put yourself out among the crowd.

Step 5

Start a conversation if there is a woman with whom you want to be better acquainted. Speak in a respectful manner. Avoid using slang terms. Practice these conversations ahead of time so you already have an idea of what you will say; however, avoid sounding rehearsed when you actually speak to her.

Step 6

Ask her about herself, and avoid bragging about yourself, even if she asks. While it is important to answer her questions honestly and directly, avoid talking about yourself too much. Keep the focus on her and pay attention. Show her you have been listening by slipping in tidbits she told you into your conversation.

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  • Avoid playing games. Some women, especially those who are looking for a serious relationship, do not want a man who plays games.


  • If a woman is not interested, do not press the issue because such behavior is disrespectful.

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