How to Write a Dating Letter

Online dating can be a challenging prospect, especially when you make first contact with a potential date. Many dating sites allow prospective matches to contact each other, give some background information on themselves and possibly ask for future contact. A dating letter should retain an informal tone, while also imparting essential information about your goals and hopes in your life. Writing a carefully thought-out dating letter will make meeting new people online more fun, and it will help you clearly express your own goals and ideals.

Dating letters should provide some general information about yourself and express interest in future contact.Dating letters should provide some general information about yourself and express interest in future contact.

Step 1

Brainstorm ideas for topics and goals you would like to approach in your dating letter. Examples include lifestyle, hobbies, a general description of your work and your passions. Thinking about these topics before you write the letter will help clarify your own goals.

Step 2

Open the letter with an informal “Hi” or “Hello” followed by brief introduction. Use only your first name and, if you like, a general description of where you are from. For example, “Hi, My name is Jane and I live in the greater southern Arizona region.”

Step 3

Continue the introduction by mentioning that you like the contact's ad. Include a detail from the person's profile that interested you, such as a hobby or pastime, and connect that hobby to your own interests. For example, “I saw on your profile that you enjoy surfing. I have surfed every summer for the last ten years and I plan on continuing for a long time.”

Step 4

Write a middle paragraph that gives some details about yourself. At this point, you can give a short physical description of yourself, the type of work you do and any hobbies that you have. For instance, “I am about 5 feet, 2 inches tall, I have dark brown hair and blue eyes. I work at a children's hospital and love my work. I also love to travel.” Keep the details general. If you do not feel comfortable giving a detailed physical description, wait for a few messages to pass back and forth before you divulge the information.

Step 5

Conclude the letter by expressing your interest in contacting this person in the future. Make it clear that they are welcome to contact you through e-mail. For example, “If you would like to talk more, feel free to e-mail me anytime.” Sign off on the letter with a simple “Regards” followed by your first name.

Step 6

Keep the language informal and fun. Add humor in your letter where applicable. Keep the prose of the letter short and to the point. Avoid talking about things you dislike or negative aspects of your life. Most importantly, be honest about yourself.

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