How to Write a Dating Profile for a Senior

Seniors enjoy going out and dating just as younger adults do. The Internet offers online sites that can help them connect with others easily. The first step to searching online for a date is to create a profile that will grab the attention of future prospects. First impressions do count so it is important to write your profile with this in mind.

Create an outline about yourself to start. Write down on a piece of paper your strong attributes. List what you can offer to another person. It is only for you to see right now, so be sure you are open and honest with yourself. You do not want to misguide anyone into thinking you are someone you're not.

Begin the first sentence of your dating profile with a strong attention-grabber. Think about a phrase or quotation that may get someone else to notice your profile. A senior who is conducting a search may get bored with the same one-line openings. Include a recent photograph of yourself in your profile. Adding a photograph may entice those searching to look at your profile more than once, and some people only search profiles that show photos.

Make your profile short and to the point. People who are looking at a senior profile do not want to read your life story. Save that for another time. Give a persuasive reason as to why a person should want to learn more about you. This may be a good time to list those attractive attributes you possess.

Be funny if appropriate. Seniors searching may welcome a fresh face, as well as a good sense of humor to the dating scene. For instance, if asked about physical exercise, you can put in something about how you're not as fast as an Olympic runner, but you can still get yourself around the track.

Decide what is really important to you and answer all questions honestly. If you are not looking for a serious relationship, be sure to include this bit of information. List what interests you have and ask that the other person have some of the same. Include what you hope to accomplish or experience in the near future.

Refrain from giving too much information. There is no need to write in great length about retirement, grandchildren or past relationships. Stay clear of going into detail about religion and politics, but do list your preferences to alert others of your views.

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Things You Will Need

  • Computer
  • Internet connection


  • Write a positive profile that will encourage other seniors to make that first contact with you.


  • Do not seem overly aggressive as this may cause a person to just move on.
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