How to Write an Email That Will Catch His Attention

With Internet dating, the email can be very important.With Internet dating, the email can be very important.

All too often tips from experts are doled out to help women capture the eye of a man they may like. Using your body language, sexy apparel or typical flirting glances are all ruled out when you aren't in his presence. When this is the case, learning how to compose an email that will get his attention will help you effectively captivate your one-person audience.

Step 1

Use an eye-catching subject line. The title should entice him to read the email immediately or keep him from overlooking it if he has a full mailbox. Using a one-word descriptive title for instance is a good way to pique his interest.

Step 2

Sort out your thoughts and intent beforehand. One great thing about emails is that once you send them they are received almost instantly. Use this to your advantage by focusing on your purpose. Avoid repeating yourself during composition, as this will soon wear on his nerves.

Step 3

Get straight to the point. Men often view a head-on approach with appreciation and label it in the same group as asserting yourself with confidence. Avoiding the pleasantries in this case will be a welcomed event. Cutting to the meat of your intent will let him know you mean business even if it is for non-business reasons. For instance, saying you can’t wait for him to come by tonight and that you have a pleasant surprise in store will grab his attention and place it on you. Keeping your email short will also help deter boredom and will allow him to read it several times if he wishes.

Step 4

Include a photo or fun link in the email. Sending an intriguing picture of yourself or a link to a funny Internet meme can help to spice up the tempo of your email. Giving him a visual will also help to catch his attention, as men are typically more visually stimulated than women. If you do send a picture of yourself, ensure it is appropriate enough to be opened at work.

Step 5

End the email on a high note. Using statements that call him to action such as, “I need to see you” or “Can’t wait to get in touch” can be stimulating and intriguing. This will also serve to grab his attention and distract him from whatever is on his mind.

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  • Write him an email that encourages a response. Giving him specific choices between one thing and another, for instance, will often spark him to immediately choose and write back.

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