How to Write a Good Online Dating Profile

According to a 2007 study by researchers at Temple University, about 40 percent of single people in the United States use online dating services. These generally consist of establishing a personal profile and communicating with potential matches or people found in a casual search of singles in a specific area. With the potential to attract a casual date or a future spouse through the Internet, it's important to know how to write a good online dating profile.

Step 1

Establish an appropriate user name. In registering for a site, you are required to come up with a user name to log into the site. User names generally are listed on profiles instead of actual names. You want to choose a user name that is neutral since people viewing your profile might make judgments based purely on having a user name with descriptive terms, such as "Princess," "Redneck" or "Chubby."

Step 2

Eliminate personal information. Online dating can be a good resource for connecting with other singles, but protect yourself by not giving too much personal information online. Never post your work or home addresses, especially if you live alone. Save that information for when your relationship moves from online to the real world.

Step 3

Sell yourself. Your online dating profile is essentially your sales pitch for why someone would want to date you. Point out personal characteristics and activities that make you desirable. Don't post anything negative on your profile. Remember, you are describing what makes you a good date.

Step 4

Include a photo. The Temple University study also found that people with a photo received twice as much communication from potential dates compared with those without photos. You don't want people skipping over your profile simply because they can't see who you are.

Step 5

Be truthful. Make sure your profile is honest. Matches made for you won't be good fits if you provide inaccurate information, and people won't want to date you if they found out you have lied.

Step 6

Ask a friend to review your profile. He or she can help you determine if the profile is a good representation of yourself or if something should be changed, added or eliminated.

Step 7

Tweak it as needed. As you communicate and date people you have met through your profile, you can alter it to attract the right people. For example, if your profile boasts that you love nature and being outdoors but you keep attracting gardeners, you might tweak your profile to add the outdoor activities you love, such as hunting or hiking.

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  • Run your online dating profile through a spell-check program to catch any mistakes.

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