How to Write a Great Dating Profile

When you're really ready to give dating a try, there aren't always options right outside your door. No one at the office may pique your interest, and you may not get out enough to really meet all the people you should be meeting. That's why online dating is such a terrific resource. The most important aspect of your online dating presence is your profile, and you're going to want to write a great one.

Include a quote or a short phrase as a teaser to get people interested in your profile. Many online dating profiles allow users to include a short quote about themselves or about something they care about.

Be honest! There is no more important aspect of an online profile than honesty. Answer each question as truthfully as you can, and don't avoid a question by dancing around its context in your answer.

Give specific information about things you care about. For example, if you're a die-hard movie fan, name a few movies in your library you would take with you to a deserted island. If you like sports, talk about a sports team that you make a point to see every season.

Mention things you really want from a partner, traits that you find important to any relationship you may have. Do you want someone who likes to be a homebody on weekends? Would you rather take day trips out of town and spend your evenings on the town? Make sure you mention it now.

Keep your profile light, lively and positive. Choose phrases and sentences that are friendly as opposed to intimidating. You'll attract more notice in the long run by appearing personable as opposed to adopting a more standoffish attitude.

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  • Take a great picture to accompany the profile you write. A great picture is important for showing who you are and what you look like, and for giving people a sense of how approachable you are. Make the picture clear and in focus, and be sure to resize it to match the online dating site's requirements.


  • Never include your personal information when you write a dating profile, not even an email address. While it is unlikely, there is always the danger that someone will use this information to take advantage of you.

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