How to Write a Headline for Your Online Dating Ad

Not getting the response you expected from your online dating ad? It could be your headline! The headline of your profile is your first chance to catch the attention of potential dates so make sure you stand out and tell people who you are in one stand-out sentence.

Sit down with a piece of paper and pencil and think about your passions and interests. Think about all the things you spend your time doing and jot down a few words that reflect that.

Relate your interests to popular movies or other cultural references. For example, let's say you love to cooking and football. Your references may be things like; Top Chef, The Food Network, ESPN and Monday Night Football.

Build your new headline by taking two interests and highlighting them to form the headline. For example, "The Food Network" meets "ESPN."

Create three or four new headlines and rotate through them every few weeks to catch the attention of different groups of people

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  • Avoid generic titles and cliches like "Great Gal seeks Nice Guy."
  • Avoid overly sexual headlines.
  • Avoid negatives like "Why Can't I Find You?" It makes you sound desperate and pessimistic, no ones idea of a good date.
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