How to Write an Impressive Romantic Love Letter

Love letters make the reader contemplate her love and keep the writer in her thoughts.Love letters make the reader contemplate her love and keep the writer in her thoughts.

In today's world of electronic communication, handwritten love letters are more special than ever to the recipient. They can mend hurt feelings and keep love alive, even if you aren't in a long-distance relationship. Writing an impressive love letter is a matter of speaking directly from your heart and paying attention to details of presentation. Once you learn the steps, and add personal touches, your loved one will be impressed.

Practice your handwriting. An impressive love letter includes personal sentiments, but it needs to be legible. Many people assume their handwriting can be easily read, but that isn't always the case. Ask a friend to read a note of yours. If he struggles, you need to practice. Write slowly until you produce legible script.

Open with a romantic greeting. It isn't enough to simply write, "Dear Jack." Instead use, "My Dearest" or "My Darling." A love letter needs to be sentimental, so lay your fears of being cheesy aside.

Begin your first paragraph by outlining your reasons for writing the letter. Have you been thinking of your loved one? Are you missing him? Avoid making excuses or saying things such as "You probably don't feel the same way, but ..." These weaken your message of love. It's best to be straightforward, positive and simple. It's OK to say, "I love you."

Write the body of your love letter by defining the reasons you fell in love. Include personal memories the two of you shared together. Quote each other during sentimental moments, and re-create the scene of the moments when you fell in love. Include how it makes you feel to be with your loved one, and list qualities that make him special to you. Being confident is the most powerful way to convey your sincerity.

Close your letter by being upbeat and positive. Avoid writing something such as "I hope to hear from you" or "I hope you feel the same way." These sentiments sound insecure. Instead, assume that you will see each other and talk again. Write something such as "until we meet, I'll be thinking of you" or "I'll be able to rest knowing that you know how I feel. And I look forward to seeing you again."

Write your last line in a romantic way. Don't just say, "Love, Maria." Instead say, "forever yours" or "my dear friend, my greatest love."

Insert something into the letter that shows you put in an extra effort. A spritz of your perfume is a classic gesture and can be very meaningful. Scent is the strongest sense tied to memory. A photo of the two of you is another option. Petals from your lover's favorite flower show you care and know him well.

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Things You Will Need

  • Simple, quality stationery
  • Pen in black or blue ink
  • Perfume (or cologne)


  • Use expressive words, such as sensual, complete, darling, gorgeous, passion, kisses, privileged and heart.
  • Review famous love letters from the past for inspiration.


  • Avoid being erotic. This letter is to express your feelings and incite the passion and feelings of its recipient. Sex is not a way into someone's heart. It is your honest expression of admiration and love.
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