How to Write a Love Letter to a Guy

A love letter should be written from the heart.A love letter should be written from the heart.

Traditional love letters seem hard to find ever since the creation of the internet. Chat programs and e-mail have swept away the custom of sitting down and writing on a piece of paper how much you love someone. Though letters were necessary before the time of internet, e-mail and the telephone, the simple act of receiving a love letter can brighten someone’s day — no matter the century. Hand-written love letters are best, so set aside the time to sit down and write out your feelings to the man you adore.

Step 1

Buy stationery in white or ivory. Use a pen that is black or brown and avoid flashy colors of ink.

Step 2

Play a song that reminds you of the guy in the background or even play the song you both enjoy together. Create a romantic writing scene so that you are in the romantic mood as you write the love letter.

Step 3

Start with dating the love letter. Write it out with the month, day and year. That way he can keep the love letter and look back on the date to remember where your relationship was at that time.

Step 4

Do not start off the letter formally. Use endearing terms such as “My love…” or “My darling…”. Use his first name in the salutation.

Step 5

Use the first paragraph to tell him why you are writing him the letter. Be sincere and do not use jokes as your reason for writing. Do not belittle yourself or make it sound like writing a letter was a bad idea. Be confident in what you write, because men do not like to hear a woman doubt herself or put herself down in a letter.

Step 6

Use the body of the letter to tell him why you fell in love with him. Write about the time you knew you loved him. Describe to him how your life and his life have changed for the better since you both met. List a few moments together that have special meaning to you. List some of the qualities about him that make you love him or things you have in common.

Step 7

Finish the letter with a closing sentence re-iterating your reasons for loving him and writing the letter.

Step 8

Read over your letter and make changes. The first letter should be used as a draft where you pour out everything. Rewrite the letter in a second form to fix any portions where you have repeated yourself or gone into too much detail.

Step 9

Place the final letter in an envelope. Spray the envelope with a perfume you wear that he loves or place rose petals inside. Seal the envelope.

Step 10

Leave the letter somewhere he will find it and when you will not be there. If you live together, leave the letter on your pillow so he can wake up to it in the morning. Consider leaving the letter in his mailbox, on his car window or placing it in his briefcase so he can find at work.

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