How to Write an Online Dating Resume

Relationships are often built on first impressions, and the online dating scene is no exception. When potential suitors browse through profile after profile, you want one that not only stands out but also gets across the real you. After all, you want someone to be interested in you for the right reasons. Before you begin writing your online dating resume (often referred to as a profile), you might consider browsing others' profiles to get an idea of what to do (or not do).

Step 1

Fill in a username. Generally speaking, you probably don't want it to be too specific; if your username is Horsegirl19, you may come across as rather one-dimensional. Your name or nickname followed by a series of numbers is sufficient.

Step 2

Fill in your age and any other demographic information you'd like to include. Only include information you feel comfortable filling out, but be honest with whatever tidbits you do choose to share.

Step 3

Show, don't tell. It's important to describe yourself, but avoid throwing out a barrage of empty adjectives. You may be smart, funny and kind, but show viewers of your profile how you are smart, funny and kind. Instead of the surface level "what," focus on the "why."

Step 4

Limit the length of your profile. You obviously don't want to be too brief, but if it's too long, people may skim the entire thing and miss important information.

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  • Type your dating resume into a word processing document before pasting it onto the site.

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