How to Write Your Portfolio for a Dating Site

While computerised dating systems existed as early as the 1960s, they were exclusive to professional dating agencies. Online dating as we know it today emerged in the 1990s, when massive advances in Internet technology made dating databases relatively easy to generate and maintain. Also known as data portfolios, online dating profiles serve as a brief self-introduction to all the prospective dating candidates on any given dating site. The total portfolio is composed of a few basic fill-in-the-blank categories that are designed to help you connect with only the most compatible dating candidates.

Find the love of your life via online dating.Find the love of your life via online dating.

Step 1

Pick a famous quote, movie line, or personal statement that encapsulates who you are. Use this as your online portfolio tag line. Check out other portfolio pages to make sure that your tag line is unique, so you don't come off as being cliché.

Step 2

Fill your "About Me" section with as many concrete facts as possible. List favourite bands, movies and hobbies. Be specific about the places you have travelled. Communicate exactly what you are looking for, and not looking for, in a partner. Do not be afraid of being clear about your current dating goals (i.e. marriage, serious relationship, casual dating). Although it may cost you a few dates, it will save you drama and confusion in the long run.

Step 3

Select a user name that makes you attractive to members of the opposite sex, instead of scaring them away. Names like, "Sexcrazedbubba" or "Crazycougar" should never find their way onto your profile. Names such as, "Travelgiant" or "Bookfreak" are ideal, because they serve to attract compatible partners and deter incompatible partners.

Things You Will Need

  • Access to the Internet
  • Online dating site membership


  • Be as brief as possible in your profile descriptions. Otherwise, your prospective love interests are likely to become bored or overwhelmed with the sheer quantity of information provided.


  • Never provide personal information, such as your address or place of employment, in your online dating profile. This is dangerous, and can result in stalking or harassment.

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