How to Write Romantic Haikus

Five, seven, five; this is the formula for writing a Japenese poem also known as a Haiku. If you're a hopeless romantic and wish to write a poem that is literally short and sweet, opt for a romantic Haikus. In three short lines you'll be challenged to tell an entire story -- or at least a complete thought -- with this creative writing style. As long as you know how to count, the tough part is over and you can then embark on your quest to write a poem from the heart.

Write your romantic Haiku from the heart.Write your romantic Haiku from the heart.

Step 1

Create an overall concept for your love poem. Narrow down the emotion and message you're trying to convey such as love, happiness, longing or even an innocent crush. Write out a complete feeling you have when you think of that special someone as the subject of your poem.

Step 2

Begin the first line with words or a phrase that does not exceed five syllables. "How did this happen," "I love you so much," or "I want to see you," are all examples of qualifying first lines for your Haiku. Write your poem using whatever lines you wish to start with. No part of your poem has to rhyme.

Step 3

Build your second line using only seven syllables. Something like, "It's not my fault I love you," or "People wish for love like this." Drive home your feelings and emotions you wish to convey in this line. Allow yourself to feel the emotion.

Step 4

Deliver the last line using five final syllables. Use a powerful ending like "Together we'll be," a question to ponder "Where did you come from?" or a simple statement "Only time will tell." Be sure to check that all of your syllables add up exactly so that you are within true Haiku guidelines.

Step 5

Put your lines together and reread the entire poem to see if it delivers the message you were hoping for. Resist the need to edit over and over again. The purpose of your romantic Haiku is to produce a simple poem that distributes honest emotion and thought in a few short lines.

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