How to Write a Romantic Online Personal Profile

Your online personal profile should be accurate, enticing and unique. Take enough time to write one that does you justice without making you sound like a superhero.

Read other people's self-descriptions to get a sense of style and length if you belong to an online service or use Web-based chat rooms.

Make a list of the key traits and facts you want to mention in your profile.

Mention your marital status, sexual preference, age and appearance.

Add details to make your profile unique, such as your favorite movies.

Include a humorous quote or comment that accurately represents your sense of humor.

Write a draft. Keep it brief. Print out the draft and get feedback about it from a close friend or relative.

Revise the profile to make it clear, accurate and entertaining.

Proofread the final version carefully; it will be read by hundreds of people.

Post the profile online.

Ask online acquaintances what they think of your profile.

Update your profile periodically to reflect changes in your life.

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Things You Will Need

  • Internet Access
  • E-mail Accounts
  • Paper And Pencils
  • Computers


  • Avoid long profiles - they're self-indulgent turnoffs.
  • Be candid about your age and appearance if you hope to find love online.
  • Remember that an online profile is not a personal ad. All sorts of people will read it, not just potential romantic partners.


  • Never give your full name or specific location in a profile.
  • Listing your e-mail address can also be dangerous.
  • Misrepresenting yourself in a profile will backfire when you want to meet an online love interest face-to-face.

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