How to Write a Romantic Poem for a Guy

While roses and chocolate may be the way to a woman's heart, men tend to work a little bit differently. Your creativity coupled with your excellent memory will have you writing poetry that will turn your guy's head in no time! Read on for a quick and simple way to write a romantic poem for a guy.

Write down the following:a. Your first impression of him (use something strong and masculine)b. His eye color, hair color, physical featuresc. His favorite TV showd. His favorite foode. His favorite sports team

Create a verse beginning with your first impression of him. For example: "I'll never forget when we met on that cold November day. Your strong arms looked like they were meant to carry me away."

Move on to the first time you met and his eyes. For example: "You asked me to dinner and I almost said no.But one look into your clear blue eyes told me I should go."

Incorporate his favorite TV show next. For example: "Even though I don't understand what you like about 'Cops,'Your winning smile and gorgeous brown hair make me want to cook you dinner and pull out all the stops."

Continue in this fashion until you have completed your poem.

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  • If you pull something off the Internet, personalize it by changing or adding details.
  • Poetry doesn't have to rhyme.
  • Be sure to read it to yourself to avoid using any clunky words.

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