How to know if you are with the wrong Man

Here is a guide to know if whether or not you are with Mr. Wrong.

Step 1

If you are with a man that always is correcting you and he stops you in your tracks from talking. He undermines your feelings and makes you feel obsolete. You should not be with this person, he will try and control you and manipulate you into loosing yourself, and it will all be about him.

Step 2

Are you with a charmer? You know the kind of guy who makes your family and friends think that you are nuts! Because he always plays the role of a great and helpful man. For instance your family comes over and he is running around in every which way pretending to help you in any way possible. When in the meantime he wouldn't help you straighten out before anyone even came over. Then you go and try to talk about him to a friend or family member and they make it like you are nuts! And if you complain about something he says that it is you and not him. Well run away from this loony controlling man.

Step 3

Is your man considered the "nice guy" you know the kind. The kind of man that tells you everything you wanna hear and does anything for you....Until one day he gets mad at you, and judges you for everything that have ever done. He will be your friend and confidant one day, and then the next day be insane because you didn't agree with him. He will say that you are a horrid person. This man will judge you and make you feel like a worthless piece of crap. The nice guy isn't so nice anymore. In reality all he was doing was saving everything you ever told him and that you have done for ammunition, to try and hurt you and he will make it like you were the one. So watch out for the nice guy.

Step 4

Does you man text you all day? Send you emails constantly? Does he accuse you of cheating on him? Does he question you a lot about what you tell him? This is a control freak. Stay away from a control freak he can and possibly cause sever pain and danger for you and for those around you. I know this by experience, my best friend was murdered by her controlling man so please take precaution and ask for help if needed. The controlling man is dangerous so be cautions of these signs.

The stalker is in the same category. If you breakup with your man and he does not leave you alone and he makes you scared, He is a stalker and you will need to get immediate help! Also the manly man is another one to watch out for. The cave man days are over so, if your man is like I am man and you are woman. And is usually violent and abusive both mentally and physically, (Run don't walk!) Once a man hits you he will always hit you.

Step 5

Some men that are well educated and or rich and powerful can be terrible people. They are famous for playing mental games. They belittle you, They verbally abuse you. And usually no one believes you when you are with this kind of a man.

Step 6

This is just a small guide on what to look out for . Not all of these types of men are horrid. But if you are with someone that scares you and try's to change you and control you be cautioned. And keep in mind that abuse does not have to be physical it can be mental too. So if you are with a man that corrects you all of the time, then say to yourself maybe he is looking for someone to control, And be cautioned. Or if your man charms everyone but you, That is a big sign. Even the nice guy isn't gonna be nice forever.

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