How to Know if You're in the Right Relationship

Relationships go through cycles, and most people have doubts from time to time wondering whether they are with the right person, on the right path and doing the right thing. Here are some ways to know.

Ask Yourself: Is my partner a good person? This doesn't mean are they attractive or wealthy or smart or do people like them, but at the core are they a good person who you can trust, be in the foxhole with, has your back no matter what? If the answer is no, then you aren't with the right person and this really is an easy task for you!

Does your partner bring out the best in you? Even if your partner is the greatest person, the second coming and walks on water doesn't mean that they compliment you and make you better than you are alone. The right partner means that the sum of the two of you are equal to the parts

Can you be anywhere, with anyone in any situation with your partner and still have fun and be happy? With the right person, it's not where you are, but who you're with.

Are you attracted to your partner? This doesn't mean that you want to rip their clothes off all or even most of the time; you should think of lying in bed with your partner as being with someone you love and cherish.

Does your partner have similar goals? And are they going in the same direction as you? No one can predict when life will take us off the path, but the right person will roll with those punches. Is your partner the one you want to be old and gray with sitting on a park bench?

This is just the iceberg, but my humble opinion is that if you have walked through most of the previous five steps saying yes, then you are in the right relationship.

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  • Talk with your partner; in order to be on the same page you need to be able to communicate, and that means listen while they speak and vice versa.

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